The Beauty of Autumn

The Beauty of Autumn on the Farm The farm is looking so beautiful at this time of year (ok, I am biased...but... it looks beautiful all through the year, in all the seasons)! Each season has it's own joys whether it's new colours, smells, sights and sounds. Colours What could be more joyful than seeing the colours of the leaves on trees and hedges turn from greens through to orangy/yellows then reds. Just like a watercolour painting. The Hawthorn berries and Rosehips are bursting out with their bright red colour as well as a sea of deep purple Blackberries.  Smells Just imagine smelling the fresh crisp morning air and enjoying the last warm days until the weather turns.  Tastes It's impossible not to think of 'Blackberries' when Autumn is mentioned! They are one of my favourite joys of Autumn, especially picking them whilst chatting with friends or the children on a walk around the farm!  Each year I hope to make jam or apple and blackberry pies, but usually they

Harvest done for 2021!!

Harvest at Bramble Hall Farm Lots has been happening on our farm. Crispin and his Dad Peter have been working like busy bees getting the harvest in. After long days and nights, working weekends as well as competing against the weather - they finally finished harvest last week!! Yippee!! This year we have grown Spring Wheat, Peas, Beans and Winter Wheat. When you are tucking into your toast in the morning, the bread may even have been made from the wheat from our farm! A huge well done to my husband and Father-in-Law as well as all the other farmers working through long days and sometimes nights to get it all done. No rest yet though for our intrepid farmers as there is still Ploughing/Cultivating (breaking up the soil ready for drilling) then Drilling (planting the seeds) to do so we can have some more lovely crops for next year! Keep going!! 🚜

Hello & Welcome to the latest news from Southey Creek Glamping!

Hello & Welcome We are so excited and can't wait to tell you all the latest news about our 400 acre arable farm and new glamping adventure - .  It has been a wonderful 1st month of opening our glamping for guests and have met so many lovely people from many different places. The sound of laughter and enjoyment coming from our pods has been such a lovely thing to hear, especially after a crazy year for all of us! We love our farm and want to show our glampers how lovely it is too and share the peacefulness, views, nature and all it has to offer. Our guests have left us really lovely reviews which has meant so much to us, so a huge THANK YOU to all our glampers!! A little about our glamping pods We have 2 luxury glamping pods (Oyster Catcher & Marsh Harrier) which sleep 2 adults. They are fully equipped with everything needed for a fantastic holiday all year round, including a cosy bed and kitchenette. Our 400 acre working arable farm h